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High Insurance Rates In Texas

Difficult life events don’t have to mean high insurance premiums.

Posted on August 3, 2017 by Texas Association of REALTORS®

Someone who just experienced a death in the family or similar hardship might not have insurance rates and coverage top of mind. But Texas requires insurance companies that use credit scoring to grant exceptions for such negative life events.

Negative life events include the following, although insurance companies may also consider other events:

  • catastrophic injury or illness
  • death of a spouse, child, or parent
  • temporary loss of employment
  • divorce
  • identify theft.

If someone you know has suffered a negative life event, let them know how to request an insurance credit score exception from their home or auto insurance provider.

The affected person must send to the insurance company a written request that includes any necessary documentation. After the insurance company receives the request, it may only consider credit information not affected by the event or it must assign a neutral credit score, according to the Texas Department of Insurance. Find more information at

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